Agio Interactive brings together a small group of people who have profound understanding of learning - training, development, coaching - plus hard experience in developing and implementing systems using online, web-based technology. We are a unique combination of both!

Our Mission is to enable you to improve change programmes, learning, development and performance by using IT effectively.

Assessment - measuring peoples' capabilities

We can help you to design customised assessments (including 360 systems) for individuals and teams; we can help you complete your competency framework, or if you have a finished set we can evolve it into a high-power, graphical, user-friendly tool. See more here  


We build highly interactive, engaging eLearning packages that feature animation, realistic simulations, vision and sound – as well as intelligent, people–friendly learning design – without rocket science budgets! See more information here  

Research - understanding peoples' views

We can help you to survey groups of people and use the data powerfully and with great levels of flexibility. You may find similar technology elsewhere, but we will make sure you get to the answers you want, fast! See more here  

Engaging technology

We can make anybody's screen experience highly visual and interactive. Your questionnaires can be both functional and more enjoyable to do than the normal – and therefore much more likely to be completed! You can make your application stand out from the rest on your network!
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